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7 months ago
HoneyRoot: Women. Heart. Soul

From competition to collaboration!

“I won’t fight other women for one of the limited seats at the table. We’ll march side by side and demand a bigger table.”
~Glennon Doyle Melton

Alma de ... See more

7 months ago
The Herb Society of America

Sharing the Long Island Native Plant Initiative's Photo

8 months ago
Dianic Wicca – Dianic Tradition School Online

http://dianicwicca.com This series of classes is for Women who embrace the Goddess lifestyle and feel a call to go deeper with other females who seek the same journey. Together, we rediscover our own ... See more

9 months ago

It's the season when we tell children the tales of Santa and his flying reindeer. But this year why not tell the story of the sacred "Deer Mother" of old? Taking flight from the darkest longest night ... See more

10 months ago
University of Bristol


Happy Hallowe'en. The history of witches and witchcraft is something that has fascinated and frightened people throughout history. But who were witches and why has society been so wary of them? Also, ... See more

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