The Sisterhood

Sisterhood: Blessing All Communities is our umbrella group (Susan B. Anthony Coven).

The Sisterhood is our Dianic group inside the SBAC.

Our Facebook page “The Sisterhood” is public and open to everyone.

Merlin Stone is our core teacher with her groundbreaking book When God Was a Woman.


I was recently reminded by my mother, that what I’d signed up for in the Dianic tradition was love, kindness, good acts and caring for others and the Earth. What I didn’t sign up for is negativity, hurting others and being harmful, etc. I feel a strong need to bring our tradition back to a respected platform that elevates us as women without bashing.

I strongly believe we are the teachers we’ve been waiting for and that we can start and lead a movement in this world. I realize not everyone is on that global path in this group, but we all have our hearts in the same loving vib that can support all that we chose to do as a collective.

There are many other Dianic groups doing beautiful work, but there are some that are really going down an ugly path. It will become necessary to support those doing enlightened work and ignore the others. We will not align with everyone, and that’s a natural process. Be okay with it, bless and release them.

Our seed was planted in the fertility of the Full Moon Summer Solstice 2016, and we have begun germinating.